Fabulous Sachets for Wardrobe!

Spring and summer have finally came. It’s time for changes in clothes and clearing out in wardrobe. Buying new clothes and also bringing in a little bit of freshness thanks for new sachets from “Pachnąca Szafa” in aromas: “Lemon Grass”, “Wild Flowers”, “Vanilla & Bergamot”, “Jasmine & Sandalwood” – it’s absolutely “must have” of this season!

Certainly every lady knows trends for upcoming spring and summer. Black-white, neon, cobalt, pastel, yellow – those are the most trendy colors of clothes and gadgets. Soon they will get control over streets in Poland. But which are obligatory aromas for wardrobe? Perfume designers from “Pachnąca Szafa” have made four new sachets in fabulous aromas, which are leading trend for upcoming season.

Summer aroma for our wardrobe should be similar to our tastes. When you are buying aromas for home for summer it’s better to trust your intuition and your nose – you can’t mislead it, it will choose for us the best aroma.

When aroma designers are creating summer aromas, they reach for bounties of nature. They are linking flower aromas, which show up during spring and summer, such us: Lilly of the Valley, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Magnolia, Daisy with fruits such us: Black Currant, Passion Fruit, Orange, Pomegranate and fresh herbs: Mint, Basil or Rosemary.

Some people likes flower aromas, others prefer citrus aromas. “Pachnąca Szafa” wants to please everybody, so we give you four new sachets. Thanks for their citrus-flower aromas every wardrobe will be filled up with amazing perfumes. Invite sachets to your home and feel lightness, freshness and optimism.