Shoe Sachettes

A simple and discreet way to keep your shoes fresh. They can be used on a daily basis – simply put the sachet into your shoe overnight and wake up the next day to a fresh aroma. You can also put the sachet into your seasonal shoes when they are not in use and they will absorb the fresh fragrance and be a pleasure to wear again when the time comes. The sachets effectively remove odour and freshen footwear. Each use provides intense, fresh scent to every pair of shoes. The sachets are suitable for any kind of footwear, especially recommended for sports footwear.

Usage: Remove the sachets from plastic bag. Tear the sachet off along the perforation and place them in your shoes. The longer the sachets stay in your shoes, the more efficient they are. Used regularly, the sachets will protect your shoes from unpleasant odours appearing again.

Available scents: Cool Fresh: sweet and floral, Juicy Fresh: fresh and fruity, Sport Fresh: intense, wooden and fruity.